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Q: Why should we consider Shepherd's Company for our total exterior cleaning needs?

A: We have been a service business operating for over 31 years and have done power washing since 1989, window cleaning since 1985. We respect and value our customers, their homes, and their property, and strive to satisfactorily complete every job we’re on. We have invested in equipment, maintenance, and training and strive to keep on the cutting edge of our field by participating in professional organizations such as the PWNA and IWCA. Our prices are competitive, and we have a range of customer testimonials which testify to our work. Our owner-managed-and-operated partnership supervises its employees.

Q: Do you offer a service guarantee?

A: We guarantee your satisfaction with our work and strive to offer customer service that you can depend upon.

Q: Do you offer any package specials for your various services?

A: From time to time we do offer specials that combine, say, power washing and deck work, as well as seasonally-applicable services. We would like to be your total-solution provider year-round for cleaning, protecting, and restoring your property!

Q: Can you provide quick service with near-term scheduling?

A: Yes, we can. We do provide construction cleanup, grand-openings preparation, and similar types of work. We have larger crews and equipment that can complete jobs with a quicker turnaround than other companies offer.

Q: Can you bid on large jobs?

A: Certainly.

Q: Do you offer services for property management companies and homeowners’ associations?

A: Yes, we do.

Q: Are you environmentally friendly?

A: We do use some products which are non-toxic and biodegradable, and we try to look out for the health of our customers and employees by the very nature of our business. We also provide water reclamation services when needed to prevent run-off into public water systems.

Q: What safety precautions do you take?

A: We have OSHA-trained staff and we provide protective gear for our workers. We watch what we’re doing. Our equipment undergoes regular maintenance.

Q: Do you carry insurance?

A: Yes, we carry insurance and workman’s comp.

Q: What can I expect when your workers arrive?

A: We try to arrive within a certain time “window” We will touch bases with you to review any estimates/bids given or get directions on details needing clarification for that particular job.

Power Washing

Q: What is power washing (or pressure washing)? What are its benefits?

A: Power washing, also called pressure washing or pressure cleaning, is a method of super-cleaning using specialized equipment to pump and aim a volume of water (gauged in GPM, gallons/minute) at a determined pressure (PSI, or pounds/square inch) through an industrial-strength hose, wand, and tip. The tip determines the type of stream and is used, along with the pump, to control the pressure of the waterflow. As needed, heat and a wash solution are also included in the process. Trained power-washers utilize the right amount of pressure for each surface, whether a fragile structure or concrete, and can either greatly reduce or remove stains and extra-stubborn substances for a deep-clean look and feel.

Q: Can the pressure used in power washing cause damage to my home or building surfaces?

A: Yes, if someone isn’t familiar with the equipment and its capabilities. Shepherd’s Company professionals often use a lower pressure approach with a washing solution. Power isn’t everything, though power washing equipment is usually rated in terms of PSI (pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute). While we use top-of-the-line equipment for maximum PSI and GPM made by vendors such as Hydrotek, we believe volume and water temperature are also important factors. We use specialized tips on our pressure-washing guns that give us control and precision, not just pressure.

Q: Why should I use a power washing service?

A: You can purchase a small pressure-washing apparatus from a home-improvement store; but the results from using it very likely won’t match those of a professional, who can use advanced equipment (our rigs cost $10,000- $15,000) and expertise to preserve your property, not just blast at things with directed force.

Q: What distinguishes Shepherd's Company from its competitors?

A: We are experienced professionals that have been in the business of power washing since 1989. We have invested thousands of dollars in quality equipment, outside training, and improving our methods and technology. We specialize in low pressure power-washing, better preserving your property from the risks of high-pressure cleaning. We have a full staff of partners-owners who get out and oversee jobs. We have provided the original training for successful professionals in major US cities including Jacksonville, Florida; Birmingham, Alabama; Atlanta, Georgia; and Lansing, Michigan. We are a Christian company with a reputation for honesty and good work and resources including nine power washing rigs that are routinely serviced. Our track record includes the completion of thousands of jobs in the power washing area, from major superstores and multi-million-dollar homes to modest houses, restaurants, and condominiums. Whatever the size of the job, we will treat your property with care and offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Q: Will the power washing or the solution used hurt my plants?

We apply a pre-rinse solution and then rinse as needed after the power-washing itself; and we are conscientious, noting that some plants (such as Japanese maples) require special care.

Q: How often should we power wash?

We recommend once every 1 to 2 years for maintenance. Damp climates (including rain, snow, and water runoff), sunlight exposure, shade, and other “wear and tear” can all affect the recommended frequency of power washing and maintenance. Some people are proactive in treating their house; others are “reactive”.

Q: How does power washing affect different surfaces–vinyl siding, stucco, brick, metal?

A: Results depend largely on the condition of the surface we’re cleaning. We control water pressure, chemicals, wash solution, and temperature of our water with regard to your property and regardless of a surface’s condition, a good cleaning will make it look better and last longer!

Q: What temperatures can you clean in?

A: We can power wash in temperatures just above freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit).

Q: Does Shepherd’s Company provide emergency services?

A: Yes, we have provided help in situations such as flooding, “ice dams”, and other various circumstances where work has not been done properly.

Concrete Sealing

Q: Why should I consider concrete sealing?

A: Putting a coat of sealer on concrete is like waxing your car: it’s not just a cosmetic improvement, it’s protection, equalling increased durability. Most concrete pads are gritty and porous; sealing smoothes the surface so as to facilitate not only snow removal but also engine fluid cleanup. Your chances of getting cracks in your pavement are reduced with sealing, as well.

Deck Restoration

Q: What are the options for restoring my deck?

A: We almost always recommend power washing a deck before [stripping and] staining/sealing; but it ultimately depends on the deck and type of wood or construction material we’re dealing with. Different sealant products get different results. The darker the stain, the more protection from UV rays–kind of a “sunglasses” effect. A solid-body stain provides great protection, but coats the wood like a paint. Other, more transparent stains, reveal the natural wood colors and grains, for those who desire that look. Semi-transparent stains range between those two poles. Different application methods are recommended in the industry. If a customer requests it, we can use a “wet-on-wet” approach, which is the process of applying two coats to allow the first coat of stain to take effect in the wood before adding another coat.

Most products available provide both sealing and staining properties… staining is aesthetic; sealing is therapeutic. Sealing wood causes water to bead and run off/ dry up instead of soaking into the boards of your porch or deck, a critical step in controlling damage from rain and sunlight.

Stripping is a chemical process of removing old stain.

Roofs and Gutters

Q: What are the black streaks on my roof?

A: The streaks are caused by algae that thrive on the crushed limestone in asphalt shingles. Mold, mildew, and chemicals found in certain leaves and tree resin can also be a contributor, as can improper water runoff.

Q: What are the black streaks on my gutters?

A: Gutter stains come from the same sources as roof stains, with oxidation (rust) also factoring in. Problems on gutters result from improper water flow, which in turn results when leaves and debris accumulate in the gutters.

Q: Should I get my roof replaced or cleaned?

A: You should get your roof cleaned on a regular basis. We can clean your roof without damaging your shingles providing the shingles are in good conditions. If the shingles are already damaged, you may need to consider replacement.

Q: Is there a way from keeping the black streaks and mold from coming back?

A: Yes, there is, and each home must be considered individually based on weather conditions, sunlight, pertinent trees, frequency of cleaning, and other factors. We would be happy to advise you after assessing your home: Please contact us to discuss various options.

Window Cleaning

Q: What types of window cleaning services do you provide?

A: We provide interior/exterior treatments to both commercial and residential sites, and can do dangerous (high or difficult) areas with our ladders, lifts, and safety training. Unlike other companies who sub-contract various services like power washing, deck restoration, and window cleaning, Shepherd’s Company proudly offers total-solution capabilities.

Q: Do you offer a rain guarantee? What happens when it rains on the day you’re scheduled to do my/our windows?

A: Actually, it’s dirt on windows that causes most of the problems. We do wash windows in the rain; we guarantee that if you’re not happy with the results when the sun comes out, we’ll come back and do them again. (Of course, this policy excludes working in unsafe weather conditions.)

Q: Can you take care of calcium and hard water stains?

A: Yes. We use various products designed to break down calcium build-up.